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Performance Duo:
In the Spirit 



Get to Know Us

In the Spirit

Over twenty years ago, storyteller, Emily Lansana and vocalist, Zahra Glenda Baker came together to form Performance Duo: In the Spirit. Based in Chicago, they have developed an extensive repertoire of stories that carry their audiences on enthralling journeys. Each performance celebrates the power of the word to connect, uplift and transform.
They have been recognized for their commitment to community and their vision for change. They have worked with people of all ages, faiths, and cultures from homeless shelters to universities. In each place they remain focused on the belief that creative expression can be an important vehicle for transformation.

In the Spirit celebrates the triumphs of the Black experience using pieces that highlight significant moments in our history. These may include: traditional African music and stories, folktales and songs from the period of captivity, the Great Migration, the Civil Rights Movement and dramatizations of individual heroes and heroines.

Their extensive repertoire includes: African and African American Folktales (The Cow-Tail Switch, Those Who Ride the Wind, Anansi the Oldest, Brother Tiger and the Big Wind )
Stories from History (The Selma March, Civil Rights Sit-In, Henry Box Brown)
Inspirational Stories (Waangari Maathai, Open Hand Open Heart )
Original Tales (Miss Maebelle, One is Many)
Personal Stories (Family memories, Love Stories, Honoring our Fathers) 


Emily and Zahra have performed and led workshops throughout this country and are available in a variety of venues: schools, museums, hospitals, community centers & festivals. 

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